Zeebe timer Cycle events creating multiple trigger


i have a .net application to deploy the workflows and handle the worker jobs. This .net application will deploy the workflow on startup.

I being going through some testing and deployed some 5 instance of my application in server. it looks like is creating multiple triggers for the same schedule and the no of triggers created not consistent.

could you please explain what i will be doing wrong ?

Hi @eapenjohn,

please share more details that helps to reproduce this behavior.

  • the BPMN workflow
  • the commands how you create the workflow instance
  • Zeebe version etc.

Best regards,

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Hi Philipp,

  • command used to create workflow from startup of the .net application
    var zeebeClient = _serivce.GetClient();
    var deployment = zeebeClient = zeebeClient.NewDeployCommand();

var resourceNames = this.GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceNames();
for(int i=0, i < resourceNames.Length; i++)
var rs = this.GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(resourceNames[i]);
await deployment.AddResourceStream(rs, resourceNames[i]).send()

  • Version : 0.22.1

Eapen John

Hi @eapenjohn,

I tried to reproduce the issue and run the test more that 3 hours. No timer was triggered more than once. A new instance is created every 200 seconds (3 minutes 30 seconds).

Can you reproduce the issue constantly?
If yes how?

I am not able to reproduce this consistently sometime it created two trigger sometimes 1( Ideal).

we are using Cloud Foundry to deploy the app and it can be tested by starting more than two instance of the worker application .

Eapen T John