Zeebe Metrics Monitoring Using Grafana and Promethous

Hi I made a setup of one standalone gateway and one broker in two different VM. I found in zeebe document about monitoring zeebe metrics using grafana. There they have mention to configure promethous datasource. So I was trying to add promethious data source through grafana. There I gave ip of gateway with port no 9600 which I enabled in configuration file.
But it seems that while I clicked on save and test button it does not show any success or any error. For that reason when I imported the zeebe dashboard, I can not see any data there.

@mousumi can you please elaborate or share some screenshots of what are you trying to achieve and how is not working?

Hi. I figured out my mistake. I configured prometheus which listen the broker ip at port 9600. Now in grafana I added prometheus datasource with localhost:9090. It shows prometheus matrices. I imported this dashboard referred in zeebe documentation. Now some zeebe metrices are displayed in grafana dashboard. But still all the metrices have no data. Like if you see the RocksDB section or Atomix section, no data. I am using zeebe 0.20.2 version. Is it possible to see these matrices from 0.20.2?

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