Zeebe Gateway exposure recommendations

Exposing Zeebe brokers to workers/clients outside the cluster.

The official documentation is a bit scare on Zeebe gateway information and usage recommendations.
My understanding of the documentation is that the gateway is doing load distribution between the brokers, which raises my question, is Zeebe gateway doing the load balancers job?, E.g could expose the gatesway(s) through a Kube Nodeport service (just as an example)? Is there any exisiting offical general guidelines/Recommendations for exposing Zeebe brokers outside the cluster?

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Martin Nielsen

Hi @Martin, welcome to the Zeebe community!

See this thread: gRPC load balancer for azure cloud

It depends how you run it, and yes, atm it is roll-your-own if you want to expose your cluster outside your data-centre / VPC.

Camunda Cloud does it with Nginx deployed on K8s.

Hi Martin,
My recommendation is to not expose the gateway outside the cluster and use another service to just expose the functionality that you need. It really depends on your use case, but you will probably want to wrap the Zeebe interactions in a more domain specific service that will run inside the cluster as well.


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