Zeebe docker image suggestions

I have zeebe running in microk8s

I want to test it using zbctl, etc, from outside. I’d prefer to use the zeebe docker image for this. However the image is set to immediately launch the broker, I have to override --entrypoint to get at zbctl. This makes it somewhat difficult to use.

Would you consider changing startup.sh to recognize args, like ‘gateway, zbctl, broker’ ?


$ docker run -it --rm --entrypoint /usr/local/zeebe/bin/zbctl camunda/zeebe --address status
Cluster size: 1
Partitions count: 1
Replication factor: 1
  Broker 0 - zeebe-0.zeebe.zeebe.svc.cluster.local:26501
    Partition 1 : Leader

At the moment you can set ZEEBE_STANDALONE_GATEWAY to “true” to get a Standalone Gateway - see: