Zeebe Broker Backup

We are looking into the use of a Zeebe Cluster on a Openshift/Kubernetes Cluster.

What will be the right way or “Best Practice” for Backup/Restoration of the Data, which is on the Zeebe Cluster?

Is it enough to copy the Data of each running Instance? Or do we have consider something more?

Thanks in advance

Hi Severin, you run a fault-tolerant cluster with replication. The cluster nodes replicate state between them. When a node fails, no data is lost.

You can export historical data to Elastic Search. This data can be used for analysis, but cannot be used to rehydrate cluster/broker state.

There is no other concept of a “back-up” in Zeebe.

What is the failure scenario you want to address?


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Hi Josh
The failure Scenario is a Desaster Recovery Backup. In case a complete cluster will fail, or there was a human error, like application bugs.


@sbirrer you can always create an exporter of events (as the one mentioned by “The Real @jwulf” ) and then back them up in any preferred storage that you use for disaster scenarios. Does that make sense? If you already have a defined procedure in your company, you can follow the same approach by connecting the Zeebe cluster with those tools using a Custom Exporter.