Who is using Zeebe workflow?


Someone can list the companies which already started using Zeebe workflow?


Hi @aravindhrs, as we haven’t yet released a version of Zeebe that we call “production ready”, there isn’t yet a long list of Zeebe users that we are aware of. A couple of ideas, though:

• A company based in Australia called Credit Sense wrote a blog post about their experience with Zeebe so far: https://medium.com/@sitapati/node-js-client-for-zeebe-microservices-orchestration-engine-72287e4c7d94

• We have a public Slack group, and a number of potential users are active on the #general channel there. You can find the link to join here: https://zeebe.io/community/ (under “Join The Conversation”). You might try connecting with Zeebe users there, too.

Of course, I invite any users out there who are building PoCs or experimenting with Zeebe to respond to this thread, too :wink:



Thanks @wints