Which BPMN 2.0 spec features are implemented vs missing

We’re evaluating zeebe for use with our automotive platform
Zeebe seems like a great product,

However, I am hearing claims Zeebe is not implementing full set of BPMN2.0 spec features
I could not find a solid documentation of what is supported out of the spec:
Tried looking at the roadmap ahead based on BPMN 2.0 full support / Camunda Features, still not clear on total of what is not implemented right now (seems only BPMN features in the pipeline are “Support for Error Event, continued”, but BPMN2.0 include lost of constructs, for example: while loops, etc which I cannot find in Zeebe)

Can you help me understand exactly what’s not implemented out of the spec?

Thanks much

Hey @Eetay,

thanks for trying Zeebe.

You can find at the documentation a page about our BPMN coverage, please have a look.


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Thank you!

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