Video tutorial for windows/ linux


i am completely new to this tool can any one help me any video link for Installing Zeebe on windows / linux machines ?


Hi @selvapitchu,

there is a full walkthrough getting started guide available in the docs: It was tested for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

There is also a shorted quick start guide available to get a first contact with the Zeebe concepts:

I hope these are helpful to you.



Thank you so much for guiding me, if any one did a video recording with voice over, that could be very useful for beginners kindly share if anythings find like that.



Hi @selvapitchu, the easiest way to get started is using Docker. We have docker-compose configurations and instructions here: zeebe-docker-compose.

Starting the broker is a single command (once you have Docker installed).

We recommend using Docker in development because it gives you a consistent environment.

You can find video tutorials on installing Docker on Windows, like this one:


Here is a video tutorial on Getting Started with Zeebe 0.18 with the JavaScript client (made on Mac OS):

More coming soon!