Unable to generate BPMN using Java

hello Team,
Can you please help me to generate BPMN file with java code using Gateways. I am able to generate normal BPMN file with user services and sequence flows using java. Now I have scenario where I need to choose one condition between yes and no .

This is the workflow image sample that need to be convert in to the BPMN. So How to connect ‘Function1’ and ‘Function2’ node with ‘IF’ node using java.?

Hi @manish,

if you’re looking for examples how to use the Zeebe model API then you should have a look at the BPMN engine tests. They use the model API a lot.

For example: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe/blob/develop/engine/src/test/java/io/zeebe/engine/processing/bpmn/gateway/ExclusiveGatewayTest.java#L43-L58

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