There is nothing but TODO about "Job Handling"?


Hi, I want to figure out how to do sth. about microservice orchestration by ServerTask.
For example : how to register tasks of target type for notification by zeebe workflow engine.
But I find that there is nothing but TODO. Link is here.

So, where can I get sth. about that?

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Hi @wszzx,

good point! You can read more about job workers here:

Do you need more than that?

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Thanks, I have read nearly all parts of Zeebe doc.

As for this part “Connecting to the Broker” , " microservice can subscribe to specified job type".

From the view of application based on microservice architecture developer, when I implement a service, do I need to do sth. like configuration or sth. else for subscription? If can,how?

I want this : Implement related services and make servcie orchestration by Zeebe. When deployed, these services can interact with zeebe brokers as workers, and service can run job automatically invoked by Zeebe brokers.

Demo like this, Work on a job. I think that this specifies the task type, creates a worker to do sth. by Zeebe client manually rather than “automatically”.

Maybe I was wrong, I’m looking forward to receiving your kind direction.
Thx again!


If you build your service in Java then you need to

  • create a new Zeebe client and specify the connection to the broker(s)
  • open a new job worker and specify
    • the type of jobs the service should work on
    • optionally, the name of the worker, the timeout, etc.

That’s all. What else do you want to configure?

I don’t know what do you mean by “manually” and “automatically”. When the job worker is opened then it polls new jobs and invokes the handler for each job. When the jobs are completed then the worker polls new jobs.

Please describe a bit more what do you mean.

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Thx a lot!