Some result collected in multi instance case are null

Hi, when i invest the multi instance case in zeebe, I define a process like this:

as you can see, there are two multi instances configs:


after the instance complete, i check the variables in workflow instance:

and the each child node has variable like these:

so my question is, why statuses contain null value? you know, every child node has status value?
is it a bug?

@aximo I am not sure to understand your question… I can see that statuses has a null value in the array, but if it is a Boolean variable that will be true or false.
If you think that there is an issue, I recommend creating a project to reproduce the problem in GitHub with a test showing what is the expected result and what is actually happening.

I am not sure to reproduce it every time, sometimes is as my expect, but sometime is not. But i am sure this happened as your can check my photos.

@aximo, thanks for reporting!

Please create a new bug issue and try to add the steps to reproduce the behavior. We are not aware of such a problem yet.

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