Slowliness on kubernetes cluster

Hi all, after 7 months of tests using docker compose and different versions of zeebe, I finally deployed my microservices solution to a K8S cluster. Nevertheless, I am really so sad because of the slowliness of zeebe. Using Docker compose version in my dev machine, zeebe is really fast. I deployed my K8S cluster using 3 ubuntu 18.04 servers (4Cores and 16G RAM each one). I dont know what is wrong because I used the helm chart ( Any idea ? Thank you

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Hey @nizare

thanks for using Zeebe.

In order to help you here we need some more information. Could you please share your values file, which you use with the helm chart or tell us how ever you configure your deployed Zeebe.

What is your expected out come and what is the actual behavior you’re seeing?


Hi @Zelldon, thank you for your reply. I am using the default values, I did not change anything. When I use the docker-compose version, a workflow instance takes some seconds to be executed. Using my K8S cluster, sometimes it takes some minutes… It is really strange.

@nizare how are you deploying your workflows?
Where is your kubernetes cluster? Is it remote? I am assuming that your docker compose setup was local and this new Kube cluster is remote.

Can you please describe the steps that you are using to deploying the workflows?
Can you please run helm list to see which version of Zeebe-full are you using?

@salaboy I am deploying my workflos using the .net client ( I have a service in the K8S cluster that deploys the workflows and it is based on the .net client. As for the version, please find belo the result of the helm list command
zeebe-homologation default 1 2020-06-10 00:18:49.102669975 +0000 UTC deployed zeebe-full-0.0.77 1.0

Hey @nizare

did you used a different client before with the docker compose setup?
Which docker-compose setup you used before?


@Zelldon there is something going on with latest release as here it is reported for Spring as well:

I am using docker-compose 0.23.0, I am using c# client for both docker-compose and K8s. The docker compose version is for dev, k8s is intended to be a homologation environment before going to production

@salaboy I think there is a issue for K8S only because using docker-compose, it is really fast.

@nizare in docker compose are you using an standalone gateway?

@salaboy the docker-compose version uses an embedded gateway

@nizare exactly… that’s why I think that it might not be a kubernetes problem.

@salaboy so do you have an idea about what is causing this slowliness ?

I think this is related to this topic

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@Zelldon thank you I will give it a try.

What Zeebe version are using with docker-compose? The same as Kubernetes?

@jwulf yes, the same version

Also useful here

Would be nice to see your values file @nizare to help you more

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