Rebalance segment leaders on every Zeebe node

We are using Zeebe 0.21.1 on kubernetes with the following configuration:

Cluster size: 3
Partitions count: 3
Replication factor: 3
  Broker 0 - corecloud-zeebe-gra3-0.svc.cluster.local:26501
    Partition 1 : Follower
    Partition 2 : Follower
    Partition 3 : Follower
  Broker 1 - corecloud-zeebe-gra3-1.svc.cluster.local:26501
    Partition 1 : Leader
    Partition 2 : Leader
    Partition 3 : Follower
  Broker 2 - corecloud-zeebe-sbg3-0.svc.cluster.local:26501
    Partition 1 : Follower
    Partition 2 : Follower
    Partition 3 : Leader

As you see on the topo bellow, Broker 1 is the leader of tow partitions, Broker 2 is the leader of one partition, and broker 0 is juste a follower. Some times if we restart some nodes we fall in a case where we have only one leader that handle all the charge.
My question: Is there a way to start a leaders rebalance manually ? Are we doing something wrong ?

Thank you

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Answer: No, and No.

Search the GitHub issues if you are interested in more of the technical discussion about this.

I think that there are some improvements planned around this

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I found more détails here

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