Parallel tasks can not be executed together

Hi team

There is my workflow.

There is my client code.

As the code figure shown, two workers are declared in one java class and the “step1” is blocked as some reasons (eg the comment says).
When the workflow is started the step1 and step2 are both activated, but only the method of step1 is invoked.

My zeebe version is 0.21.1 and spring-zeebe version is 0.7.1.

My guess: you’re using a single-thread and it is blocking.

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@jwulf This happen occasionally not every time.

It seems like two threads.

If it happens sometimes, then your countdownLatch await may have resolved.

Here is what I would do:

  1. Put more logging in.
  2. Read the source code of the Zeebe Spring library, and treat it as your code - because if you are using it in your application, it is your code.

@i.m.superman I think that @jwulf is correct. The Zeebe Spring project might be using a single thread to process Jobs… we can create an issue to support multiple threads consuming jobs.

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