Operate failing to connect to AWS hosted elasticsearch

Here is my config

In the operate logs, I see
Error occurred while connecting to Elasticsearch: clustername [48227------------:-------------ick], vpc-prod-redacted.as---------------------.com:80. Will be retried (2/50) …
operate |
operate | org.apache.http.ConnectionClosedException: Connection is closed

I have verified that the elasticsearch cluster is reachable and I can see new indices created by the broker. This is definitely not a a network reachability issue. Am I doing something wrong in my config?

Elasticsearch: 6.8.0
zeebe: 0.24.1
operate: 0.24.2

The same cluster config works with local ES running in a container.

Hello @prthkms,
Thank you for the question!

You described that it is definitely no network issue and as far as I can see the cluster health check in Operate is failing.
Do you have the possibility to do the health check directly on Elasticsearch?
Operate takes the clusterName of the response and compares it with the given clusterName in config.
The check will succeed if the names are equal.

Hi @prthkms,

Looking at the Operate config your telling Operate that ElasticSearch is on port 80. I believe AWS ES is on 443 not 80. Try changing this and please do let us know if this resolved your issue or not.