Operate container log level

Is there a way to configure the log level of operate via environment variables? I was following along here: https://github.com/zeebe-io/docker-camunda-operate and it only mentions the 3 most important env variables. It would be useful to have a full listing available as well.

The yaml file has options for log levels so I could use that, but using the env vars is much simpler than mounting a location in my use case.

Hey @rudyj03

I think there is not env var for this. It seems the distro logs per default on info.

Maybe @svetlana has any insights here.


Hi @rudyj03,

this is not smth that we tested, but you can try to use this env var:


(This is not Operate specific, but comes with Spring Boot, meaning that you can find in Spring docs other ways to configure log level of Spring Boot application)

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