OPERATE: configuration change

I am trying to start operate manually and it starts well and connect to elastic search correctly and also try . to connect to Zeebe.
But I don’t want to use default ports and trying to change the configuration but can’t find a way to change it.

I see the configuration file as ‘application.yml’ and log configuration as ‘log4j2.xml’ but I want to move this to another path and load it from there. The /bin/operate script doesn’t provide any way to it.

Also if I rename the config folder, it starts with default configuration not sure where it came from.

Can you please suggest if I can use and change the configuration for operate.

Hi @patharva, welcome to the Zeebe Nation!

For the Operate port, set server.port: 8090 in the application.yaml file at the root level.

  • Josh

This will solve my problem if application.yml in config folder. I want to change location of that file and provide file from different location

Take a look here: https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/boot-features-external-config.html#boot-features-external-config-application-property-files

Operate is a Spring Boot application.

I tried " spring.config.name and spring.config.location" argument to send new file and location. But its still take default file.