Monitoring for Spring zeebe


I want to monitor the workflow so how should I integrate spring monitor with spring-zeebe-broker?


Hi @regojoyson,

thanks for trying out Zeebe.

Just to clarify with spring monitor you mean simple-monitor right?
The simple monitor is a standalone application so you don’t have to integrate it with spring-zeebe.

Hope this helps.



For monitoring workflows you can use Operate, or Simple Monitor, or both (slow, but insightful).

Simple Monitor shows details of message subscriptions, which is useful for debugging message correlation. Operate doesn’t show that.

You can use these docker-compose configurations here:


Hi @Zelldon @jwulf ,

Thanks for the quick respsonse. I wanted to export data to elastic and also to simple monitor. so i want to know how to implement/connect exporter in spring zeebe broker project. beacause i got the implementation for Zeebe broker project but not for spring zeebe broker .

I tried to add POM dependency and un-commented exporter line in zeebe.cfg file but no luck

if any examples or samples in git for this it will be very helpful for all.


Embedded broker?

@zelldon is this still a thing? Or is it deprecated?


Hey @jwulf,

yes it is out of date and needs to be updated. I think it is often used for demo purposes.



Hey @regojoyson,

the spring project is currently out of date and needs to be updated.

Nevertheless it should be possible to configure both exporters in the zeebe.cfg.toml.
The exporter section in the config could look like this:

id = "elasticsearch"
className = "io.zeebe.exporter.ElasticsearchExporter"

  url = "http://localhost:9200"

  delay = 5
  size = 1_000

  username = elastic
  password = changeme

  prefix = "zeebe-record"
  createTemplate = true

 id = "simple-monitor"
 className = "io.zeebe.monitor.SimpleMonitorExporter"
 id = "hazelcast"
 className = "io.zeebe.hazelcast.exporter.HazelcastExporter"


Thanks @Zelldon @jwulf for the update.

Can I use spring-zeebe-starter client with zeebe-broker instead of spring-zeebe broker ? is there any problems?
@Zelldon @jwulf