Modeler Not Functioning on Windows 10

Getting Started – Can’t get it to work. The Modeler is not functioning as expected on Windows 10. See below.
See Getting Started :Create Workflow Tutorial second step.
That what I see - From Zeebe Modeler on Winodows 10 , It is windows-64 download .
The Modeler is not functioning as Zeebe expect.There missing elments , no message event, no type field in properties panel etc.

Hi @rubi,

Please have a look in the documentation how to use the modeler:

In the BPMN section under additional resources, you can find some videos how to use the modeler.

Does this help you?

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The modeler gui is not the same as in the docs videos.
It seems that it is not the same product (missing core elements) it is not personal usability problem.You can download the windows zip and find the problem.Thanks.

Found out that there is no correlation between the docs-videos and the modeler. Selecting the right type on the wrench icon every step is needed.


@rubi it feels like you are comparing the Camunda Modeler and the Zeebe Modeler… The Zeebe Modeler has just a subset of BPMN elements compared to the Camunda Modeler. The Zeebe project will add support for more elements in the future, but due to the Cloud Native nature of Zeebe, not all the BPMN elements are supported in the current version.

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What version of the modeler is this? On Mac with 0.7.0-alpha.2 it looks like this for me:

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