Looking for real world BPMN (or code) processes for research purposes


I am looking for BPMN or code of “real world” apps targeting end-users, for research purpose. My research is about latency-aware microservices applications, and Zeebe can be a great example, but in order to test it, I need real business processes. Can you advice me some ? ( I do not consider school or sample projects, who are plenty). This could be also useful for anyone preparing a new project.

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Hi @guillaumerosinosky, most real-world BPMN processes are closely-guarded intellectual property, precisely because they are the materialization of core business processes. That’s why there are plenty of demoes out there, but few or no “real-world” examples.

That’s not to say that you won’t get any, and I want to empower your request.

You would do well to establish your credibility - who are you? Where are you doing your research? What have you done before? What is the research you are doing now? Is it a PhD? Post Doc? Who is supervising it? What happens to the BPMN that people share with you?

Essentially, at the moment you are a first-time poster in a forum, asking for people to send you the source code to their proprietary core business software. People are not going to share that with random strangers on the internet, but they may engage with a university under specific conditions to participate in research - but you’ve got to remember that they are thinking: “What’s in it for me?

Real-world business processes are run by people with real-world businesses. And people do business with others that they know and trust: so think from your “brand credibility”, and pitch the opportunity for your potential “customers”.

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