Licensing of broker-core


Broker-core is licensed under AGPL - whats is the reason for that? Any plans to change it someday (if its possible)?


Hi @ab2,

We chose to license broker-core under AGPL to have some degree of protection against cloud providers offering Zeebe-as-a-service without contributing back to the community.

Based on conversations we’ve had, we believe that using AGPL for brokers and Apache 2 for other components such as clients does not prevent any user, including OEMs who use Zeebe in their product, from building what they want to build without being restricted by a license.

We’re also keeping a close eye on the ongoing conversation around OS licenses and recent developments at similar companies (Confluent, Timescale, MongoDB, etc), and we might take a different approach in the future so long as we don’t restrict users (including OEMs) from building what they want to build with Zeebe.

Of course, please let us know if and why AGPL is problematic for you or your company. If you’d rather give feedback via a different channel because the details around your use case are private, that’s also not a problem. My username in the Zeebe Slack channel is “Mike”, and you can PM me there.