Kafka - Zeebe Connector


I am trying to get the demo Kafka - Zeebe Connector running. The Ping Pong application.

I have the following processes running:

C:\Kafka\kafka_2.12-2.4.0>bin\windows\zookeeper-server-start.bat config\zookeeper.properties
C:\Kafka\kafka_2.12-2.4.0>bin\windows\kafka-server-start.bat config/server.properties

I initiate the workflow using:

bin\zbctl.exe create instance --variables "{\"name\": \"pong\", \"payload\": { \"foo\": \"bar\"}, \"key\": 2}" ping-pong

I can see the running instance in the Operate GUI. It is waiting at the “To Kafka” Service Task.
I cannot see any messages published to the pong topic using this command:

bin\windows\kafka-console-consumer.bat --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --topic pong --from-beginning

I copied the uber zeebe connector jar into C:\Kafka\kafka_2.12-2.4.0\libs
I copied the files
into C:\Kafka\kafka_2.12-2.4.0\config

and started the connect-standalone process using:

C:\Kafka\kafka_2.12-2.4.0>bin\windows\connect-standalone.bat config\connect-standalone.properties config\quickstart-zeebe-source.properties config\quickstart-zeebe-sink.properties

There are many errors during start up but the example foo/bar file Connector example works.
Step 7.

After initiating a new Ping Pong workflow execution I see no message activity in the connector-standalone process or the kafka broker process.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.


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@Alan have you checked this file:

Are you running with that docker compose?

Hi @salaboy, thanks for the response. No I am not using docker-compose. At the moment I need to run on my Windows desktop. The Confluent Kafka docker does not run on Windows. So I am running all of the processes manually.


"The Confluent Kafka docker does not run on Windows." really? do you know why?
You can run docker compose on windows right?

Sorry my Windows desktop is a virtualized windows instance. I thought it was not possible to run another VM for docker on top of this. I will double check if that is correct. But I still should be able to get the zeebe integration running manually. Thanks

@Alan I am sure that you can run docker compose even if it is in a virtual machine.
If you want to get it working by manually running all the services, I am sure that you can copy each component configuration from the docker-compose.yaml file… You will need to replicate what those docker containers are providing to make it work. You probably want to use the same versions as well.