Is there a way to force process node be run at a worker

I have n workers for the same job, however , i want the job to be run at a special worker/client.
eg, the job will run shell to clean disk, so i want to it run at target worker. so how to achieve it

maybe let that job retry until the special worker run it. but i think there should be a better way

This seems similar to this recent question in the Zeebe Slack:

Is it possible to target a specific worker for a job, without altering the workflow?
For example, I have a worker running in region1, and a worker running in region2.
I have two instances of the same workflow, and in one instance I want to use the worker in region1, and the other in region2.

To which @menski replied:

At the moment we are not supporting any kind of sub filtering of task types. Might be an interesting feature for the future. Right now you would have to create different workflows with different task types.

ok, get it