I need more information regarding the data modeling in the workflow and microservice

Dear Team,

Could some one help us in explaining how Datamodeling in workflow and microservice works and need a assistance to setup input and output parameter in entire workflow.

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Sivagurunathapandian M

Hi @Sivagurunathapandian, you will definitely find your answer in here:

That book is free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited.

Also of interest: http://www.workflowpatterns.com/documentation/documents/data_patterns%20BETA%20TR.pdf

There is no coupling or inherent type-checking. You can think of it like a REST boundary. You will need to write your own type-safety layer, which could be only compile time (like TypeScript) or it could be a runtime type checker on the job variables.

Hi, Thanks for that update.
Actually we are try to invoke multiple microservice in single workflow.
Each Microservice has different input and output parameters.

we are getting IO exception.

Could u help me on that.

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Sivagurunathapandian M

Sure thing. See here about how to get help with that: The Best Way to Get Help in the Forum