I don't understand why all jobs are stacked in one jobworker

I recently encountered a big performance problem in stress testing.I don’t understand why all jobs are stacked in one jobworker or some of the top jobworkers.

I have been debugging for a week, and I have tried all the parameters, but it has always been a similar situation. I am eager to get some suggestions or explanations.

Thank you to someone in the forum who was willing to answer my questions.
I have heard some people say this before: the higher the zeebe version, the worse the performance.
I think zeebe is not only a microservices orchestration framework, is our goal not to respond quickly to get the job done?

Hey @wenminglei

A bit more context would be really helpful to answer your question and to help you out.
Please answer the following questions:

  • Which client do you use? Which version?
  • What is the Zeebe version you refering to?
  • What is exactly the scenario you want to achieve? Use case?
  • Please describe your expected behavior?
  • What is exactly the actual behavior?
  • What have you tried so far to solve this issue?


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