How can I delete the old data


After many tests ,there are so many tested data on my monitor but don’t know how to delete them.
I rename the /data file but nothing happened.

looks like this

I run a new broker directly downloaded from Github and these data still there.

Maybe caused by Cache or something.

Where can I eliminate these stuff?

Sorry to bothering and thank you for your time.


Hey @DarvisCH,

thanks for trying out Zeebe.

Deleting the data directory in the broker will delete only the data (log and state) in the broker.
The simple monitor exports the broker data into his own store.

If you want to delete the data from the simple monitor you need to delete the simple monitor database.
The monitor uses per default an h2 database (normally located in your home directory called

Hope this helps.



That helps alot!


Btw may I ask what is the database called in “nelasticsearch”?