HazelCast Exporter to external HazelCast server


Maybe I am overlooking somthing, but how can I make the Zeebe Broker export to an external HazelCast server of cluster?

In the exporter config I cannot find the host or address settings to define the HazelCast server.

any thoughts?


Hi @maartend, and welcome to the Zeebe Nation!

I’m not really familiar with Hazelcast, but I read the source code of the Zeebe Hazelcast exporter. It looks like it creates a Hazelcast node instance in memory using HazelcastInstance in the exporter open method.

The Zeebe Simple Monitor connects to it, so they may be some way to add the Zeebe broker to a Hazelcast cluster as a node?

Reading the Simple Monitor code and these two links: Guide to Hazelcast with Java and https://docs.hazelcast.org/docs/latest/manual/html-single/index.html#creating-cluster, it looks like getting the export to another Hazelcast server is a matter of subscribing to the Hazelcast instance in the Zeebe exporter.


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Hi @maartend,

do you have an idea how this should look like?

Currently, the exporter is not designed to work with an external server/cluster. It creates its own Hazelast instance/cluster and not use the client.

Feel free to contribute to the exporter project and share your ideas and knowledge!

Best regards,

Hi Josh,

Thank you, Zeebe is a fantastic project!

Indeed, I have been looking at the code as well, but just wanted to hear the thoughts of the community.
We will have a more in depth look at the code and see what we can do from there.



Hi @philipp.ossler,

Well my idea would be to have an HazelCast exporter with capabilities to export to an external HazelCast cluster. It could be as simple of having both a Zeebe broker container and a seperate Hazelcast container running on the same nodes and having three nodes.

It would ensure an “always-on” approach during operational maintenance like OS patching where one node will be patched and brought back.