Hacktoberfest - contribute to Zeebe and get a free t-shirt

This year Zeebe is taking part in Hacktoberfest, where developers are encouraged and rewarded for contributing to open source projects like Zeebe and Camunda.

You get a Hacktoberfest t-shirt for doing four PRs in October, and if you make two of them to Zeebe/Camunda projects, we’ll give you a Camunda Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

More details can be found about Hacktoberfest here on the DigitalOcean site, and about the Zeebe/Camunda participation here, but the important points are:

• Hacktoberfest runs October 1-31
• Submit 2 PRs to our public projects to earn the t-shirt
• We’re preparing to help more people on the forums during October so support will be there for you!
• We welcome newer or less experienced coders to get involved

Hope we can get a create showing from our community!