Does Zeebe support task priority?

Could we define a task in Zeebe with priority such as (high, medium, low) so that the tasks would be processed based on the priority value?

Hi @suamy, no - tasks are processed in a stream. You could implement some prioritization in your task workers, but the broker will not manage that.

Hi @suamy,

as @jwulf suggested you could do this in the workers code or model this in your BPMN Diagramm.

As an example you could have a parallel gateway with three different outgoing sequence flows, which go to different service tasks. Each task has a different task type like: ‘highPrio’, ‘MidPrio’ and ‘LowPrio’. You could then create three workers for the job type ‘highPrio’, two workers for the ‘MidPrio’ and one worker for the ‘LowPrio’ task type. I think this could work as an workaround to implement priority scheduling implicit.


Thanks Josh and Chris!