Does zeebe support Node hopping

May I know if zeebe support Node hopping?

We met this senario.

a workflow process has following task

And currently one workflow instance has run to D task, However, the D task fail,we try to fix it, but in our senario, the solution is not retry D task, instead of, we would like the instance node hopping to B task, and continue the flow. May I know if there’s anyway I could achieve this?

I could see that activity have api to support such case. If our zeebe has some api like this?

@Young200808 hi there, thanks for your question, but I think that is not currently available in Zeebe. Zeebe is working hard to achieve feature parity with Camunda BPM.
You can always implement some of those things into the model itself or the workers logic.

Hope this helps.

One option to model this behavior in the model is to use an error event.

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