Does zeebe support camunda functions

Hi Team,

i just have a small doubt whether zeebe suuports functions like now() and etc…

  1. now()

Returns the current date-time.

  • result: date-time
// date and time("2018-04-29T09:30:00")
  1. currentUser()

Returns the authenticated user id, or null if no user is authenticated.

  • result: string
// "demo"
  1. currentUserGroups()

Returns the group ids of the authenticated user, or null if no user is authenticated.

  • result: list of strings
// ["accounting", "sales"]
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Hi @Tauqeer,

currently, none of these functions are supported.

But I’m working on adding the now() function (

We have no plan to add the other functions currentUser() and currentUserGroups(). Zeebe is not connected to an authentication service. So, I don’t see a use case for this.

Best regards,

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Thank you much @philipp.ossler.