Does Zeebe or Camunda implement Reactive Streams


Does Zeebe or Camunda implement Reactive Streams? below are links regarding reactive streams.
If it doesn’t support reactive streams, what is the mechanism used for achieve asynchronous behavior.


Hi @shashi, as the Manifesto says: “Large systems are composed of smaller ones and therefore depend on the Reactive properties of their constituents.

Zeebe is a horizontally-scalable, fault-tolerant stream processor, and supports asynchronous message correlation.

It’s totally Reactive Manifesto buzzword-compliant.

You can use Java Reactive Streams in the other components of the system that you build, for sure. They are not used in Zeebe itself, which uses the Actor model internally.


ok I see what you are saying. Please confirm my understanding below is correct.

Zeebe is Reactive Manifesto compliant but not tied specific with reactive streams, since Reactive Streams is specific to JVM runtime even though its complaint with Reactive Manifesto.


Nailed it!