Custom duration for boundary event

Currently in zeebe, the timers (eg. Boundary event) has only constant values for duration.
But sometimes the available processing time is not constant.
In our case we have 20 seconds to answer the request, but the timer started based on message creation time not when it arrived.
Therefore we have only 10-18 seconds, depends on load, network, etc.

Maybe you can modify timer (boundary event) to get value from instance variable.

Best regards,
Tamas Sipos

Hi Tamas,

thank you for sharing this use case. One option would be to read the timer duration from a variable.

Currently, this is not implemented and it is not on your roadmap. Feel free to open a new feature request for it.

In order to get it in, you can also provide a pull request. We would guide you through the implementation. Are you interested in implementing this feature?

Best regards,