Connecting issue from Azure Web App to Zeebe in Azure VM

I have a single-node Zeebe (broker+gateway) 0.23.1 running on Azure VM. I have appropriate ports open in VM’s inbound firewall, and am able to connect to it from a .NET desktop app I have created (using latest .NET Zeebe client) successfully - the desktop app is running on a remote machine, not the same Azure VM. Using same .NET client, I am trying to connect from an Azure Web App (using same code, same URL) to Zeebe on that VM, and it fails:

Connecting to 10.x.x.x:26500: Host 10.x.x.x has TCP Port 26500 open. Host 10.x.x.x has TCP Port 26501 open. Host 10.x.x.x has TCP Port 26502 open.

Error: Status(StatusCode=Unavailable, Detail=“failed to connect to all addresses”)

So it can see and connect to the ports Zeebe sets up (I am checking it with TcpClient), but can’t get the Zeebe topology. It all works fine on my local machine though.

Has anyone had this issue with Azure Web Apps? Maybe I am missing a port in the VM’s inbound firewall rule (but that won’t explain ability to connect to Zeebe using remote desktop app)? It currently has incoming TCP ports 26500, 26501, 26502, 9600 open. Network host setting in Zeebe broker’s yaml is set to

I know Zeebe .NET client uses Google’s and not Microsoft’s gRPC library, but could it possibly be related to:

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That looks like it.

Interesting thanks for sharing