Condition expression in SequenceFlow

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As part of SequenceFlow can we give condition expression as " time == 6:00 && day != sat "
or " time == 6AM && day != sat "

will it work.


Hi @Ramakrishna,

let’s clarify the example first.

I see two variables time and day.
Do you pass the variables in the workflow instance?
Of what type are the variables?

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Hi @philipp.ossler ,

Yes i have mentioned in the workflow and java side,but i am little confused in using two variables ( time and day ) in condition expression.


I’m still not sure that exactly you’re doing.

Please provide an example that shows the variables you’re passing in and how :slight_smile:


please help me how to set time as condition expression
for morning between time == 06:00 and time == 11:59
for afternoon between time == 12:00 and time == 15:59

time condition is between " starting time" and " ending time"


Assuming that you have a variable myTime with a string value that represents the time (e.g. 06:05) then the conditions can be written as:

= time(myTime) between time("06:00") and time("11:59")

= time(myTime) between time("12:00") and time("15:59")

time(...) is a function that transforms a string into a time value. Temporal values can be compared with each other, for example, using the between _ and _ operator.

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Does this help you?