Can Simple Monitor be deployed to AKS


I was wondering of it is possible to deploy Simple Monitor to a development AKS cluster or is it just for local development?


Yes and yes: yes it is possible (pretty much anything is), and yes Simple Monitor is designed for local development.

I say DO IT.

Hi @jwulf

That’s great.

Will the Simple Monitor Hazelcast Exporter replace the ElasticSearch Exporter or can both exporters be used?

Yes, you can use both. You can load as many exporters as you want.

@andyh we have some issues created in the Helm charts to make sure that we can also deploy Simple Monitor easily while you use the Helm charts, it will be great if you contribute to that effort, so we can refine it all together.
Are you currently using the Charts?

Hi @salaboy
I was looking at creating a helm chart to deploy Simple-Monitor, but I need to be able to configure Zeebe with the hazelcast exporter i.e. I need to get the zeebe-hazelcast-exporter-0.7.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar into the Zeebe container lib directory.

I could create a new container from the zeebe cluster container that basically only does one thing and that is adds that jar file, but I was wondering could the zeebe-hazelcast-exporter-0.7.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar file be included in the Zeebe base image?


@andyh sorry for the late response, I was out on holidays and now catching up with everything…
We are working in a pluggable way to add exporters with initContainers in Kubernetes.

You can copy that if you need that before we merge and release.
Did you manage to create a helm chart for Simple Monitor? We can definitely include that in our charts if you are willing to donate that.