Camunda Community Summit - April 27-28

Hi everyone! As you may know, the Camunda Community Summit is coming up on April 27-28. I’m so excited to talk through a variety of topics with you all during the unconference on Day 1, and also learn from some of our community experts on Day 2 :grinning:

Are there any topics in particular that you’re interested in learning more about? We’d love to hear what you’re excited about or hoping to better understand as a result of the conference. Leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts :arrow_down_small:

p.s. If you see someone asking for a topic that you know a lot about, please submit a CFP! You can find our application form here and if you want to chat with a member of the DevRel team to explore other options or get advice on your abstract, feel free to book some time on our calendar!