Callback on instance completion

Is there some way to catch instance completion event and perform some specific action in zeebe java client?
I didn’t found anything about it.
Thanks in advice.

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On Zeebe 0.22 you can use createWorkflowInstanceWithResult. Take a look at the Zeebe blog, there is an article about workflows in a REST request/response that shows how to do it without this feature, and an article on Awaitable Workflow Outcomes that shows how it works with this feature.



Related documentation:

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I see 0.22.0 artefacts are already available, but there’s no release (+announcement), will this be out officially soon?
I’m using it without problems (only my own workflow related;) since a week now.

We are building a 0.22.1 release to address a few zero-day defects that we fixed:

Thanks for the update! Seems I was lucky,-)
I really like the statistics, are they collected using the ES/Kibana-plugin?

Grafana and the Prometheus metrics, I believe. See: and

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We have a webinar next Wednesday about 0.22:

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Thanks, but its not the answer on the question I’ve asked. My process like most of real bpm-processes is asynchronous, and I just want to catch completion event on the instance. Your advice is not suitable for me.

These are four ways that you can do it.

  1. Use this pattern, with a worker that emits an event that you can catch:
  1. Use the 0.22.x broker / Node client with a Promise and an Awaitable outcome (or some other Future with the Java / C# client). That’s asynchronous:
  1. Listen to an exporter, either directly or by querying its data store.

  2. Something else creative that you come up with.