BPMN Exclusive OR gateway workflow using Zeebe java client

I have a simple exclusive gateway with 2 possible sequence flow.I have created it using zeebe moduler and I’m stuck to complete this flow using Zeebe java client
Is it possible to run this Zeebe BPMN workflow using java client?

@archana.verma yes of course, but what is the problem with your execution?
Which versions are you using? if you have an exclusive gateway, have you defined the conditions for the outgoing sequence flows?


What is the exact problem you have?

Can you list the steps that you take and where it doesn’t work as you expect?

You have either some missing knowledge about how it works, or a misconception about how it works (potentially both) - and it is not clear which it is and what part of the system.

Once we get a picture of how you think of the system we can either point you to the right resource, or write something for you (and other people encountering it for the first time).

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Hi Salaboy,

zeebe version: 0.21.0-alpha2
Zeebe modeler: [0.8.0]

I created a retailing-order flow. order|690x388](upload://fHKsDfFaDv0BQZfzAc3von9fT2.jpeg)
Now when I add an Exclusive or gate without any default flow(as I required) I get an error Message:Expected at least one condition to evaluate to true, or to have a default flow.
please tell me how to solve this issue using zeebe java client.

HI @archana.verma the error is quite clear, your BPMN model is not complete, you are missing conditions or defining a flow as the default path to take when none of the other conditions are met.
That has nothing to do with the java client itself, it is just missing information in your BPMN model.


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Yes, as @salaboy points out: the missing piece is that a conditional must have a default flow.

You can deal with this by modelling all the conditions that your scenario covers, and then creating a default flow to a task that “should never happen”, which raises an alert - because it should never happen.

A BPMN conditional is analogous to a Java switch statement, and it must be exhaustive. See these links as to why you want that behaviour in your model:


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