BPMN Coverage "Pool", "Lane" in Zebee Modeler



reading the documentation (https://docs.zeebe.io/bpmn-workflows/bpmn-coverage.html#bpmn-coverage) i’m a little bit confused about the coverage of “pools” an “Lanes” in zeebe modeler. As described in the documentation the participants
“pool” and “lane” are implemented. In the latest Version of zeebe Modeler I can’t find any tool to model “pool” and “lane”.
How can I model a “pool” and a “lane” in zeebe modeler?



Hi @Michael,

the latest version of the Zeebe Modeler doesn’t support Pools or Lanes.

Note that in Zeebe lanes doesn’t have any execution semantics. They can be used for documentation but are ignored while executing.

You could use the Camunda Modeler to add pools or lanes to your model.

Best regards,