Announcing the Operate 1.0.0 preview release


Hi everyone, today we released a preview version of Operate, a tool we’re building at Camunda to make it easier to monitor and manage workflows running in Zeebe.

There’s more background in this blog post:

The preview release is available for unrestricted non-production use, and we think it’s a really handy tool for getting familiar with Zeebe and working on proofs-of-concept.

A few other notes:

  • The Operate preview release is compatible with Zeebe 0.17.0, and the Operate distro can be downloaded in the same place as Zeebe:

  • We also created a new Getting Started Tutorial in the Zeebe docs that includes Operate (and also walks through the modeling process using Zeebe Modeler: This is the best place to get started with Operate. We’ll be adding more to the docs over the course of the quarter.

  • If you have feedback or questions about Operate, you can use the Zeebe forum, and please use the “Operate” category for your topic.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.